Steel recycling reached 75%

An average European-wide recycling rate of 75% was achieved in 2013, 1 percentage point up from the previous year, reports APEAL, using data sources and methodology reviewed by Eunomia to measure the steel recycling.

A tonne of recycled steel saves over one and a half times its weight in CO2 emissions, over twice its weight in raw materials and uses 70% less energy than producing steel from virgin sources.

“The scrapping of the Circular Economy Package earlier this year by the EU Commission was clearly disappointing, but there are promising signs that a replacement will be announced soon that will provide ambitious recycling targets necessary for pushing Europe towards a circular economy. APEAL is confident that this is the way forward and in the meantime we will continue to concentrate our efforts in those countries where there is still potential for increased steel recycling.” – said Alexander Mohr, secretary general of APEAL