Market for aluminium aerosol cans stable at high level

imageThe production of aluminium aerosol cans worldwide remained stable at a high level in 2015. The member companies of AEROBAL (International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers) reported total production of 5.4 thousand million aluminium cans and thus a repeat of the previous year’s record result.

AEROBAL’s secretary general Gregor Spengler is very pleased with the result: “Repeating 2014’s record is a rather good achievement considering the very difficult conditions in 2015; with economic turmoil in China, Russia and some emerging countries, the enduring problems in Greece, Ukraine and above all the Middle East, the global uncertainty resulting from the development of the oil price, and some considerable fluctuations in exchange rates. It demonstrates the strong capabilities of our member companies and the aluminium aerosol can’s excellent position in the fiercely competitive global packaging market.”

imageProduction in Europe and the USA, the dominant markets in terms of volume, was more or less at the previous year’s level. Australia also remained stable, whereas volumes in Africa declined slightly. Slight overall gains were reported in Asia and Central and South America, although some Asian and South American markets fell short of expectations.

The body care products market accounted for the lion’s share of all cans produced, being unchanged at almost 80 per cent. The household products sector is now responsible for over 10 per cent of total production thanks to pleasing growth figures.

There are also other developments that definitely give cause for taking a positive view of the future. AEROBAL president Eric Frantz (CCL) points to new applications and improved production processes: “For example, innovative valve systems now enable aerosol cans to be filled with hair dyes. The aerosol principle offers outstanding opportunities to expand markets anyway; together with aluminium’s outstanding barrier and hygiene properties this will doubtlessly bear further fruit in the pharma market, too.”

This willingness to invest is an indication of the generally positive expectations at AEROBAL, which is cautiously optimistic for 2016.