Peel-off lids for composite cans

image[2]Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG) (Hockenheim, Germany) has introduced a new Peel-off Top for composite cans at the interpack 2011. Thanks to its gas impermeability, the new closure system for is suitable for powdered milk and other highly sensitive products. For WPG, the innovation marks an entry into market segments that were previously dominated by metal cans.
The Weidenhammer Peel-off Top solution comes in two versions with ring pull or flat tab membrane. Both of these designs reliably protect oxygen­sensitive package contents. Consumers can open and close the package with ease. An additional resealable plastic overcap on the Peel-off Top protects the product contents after the initial opening.
The cost factor is another positive aspect of composite cans. Unlike the commodity prices for steel, which are subject to dramatic fluctuations and have increased significantly over the past few years, the material costs for composite cans are proportionately much lower
WPG produces the new Peel-off Tops at its plant in Inofita, Greece. The composite cans to go with the tops are manufactured in standard 99 and 126.7 mm diameters at production facilities in Lübeck and Hockenheim, Germany. In France, composite cans designed for Peel-off Tops are produced in 73 mm diameter. A new assembly line for 99 mm cans is scheduled to open in Greece in autumn 2011. Other new production lines will follow at various WPG production sites in Europe. Annual production volume for Weidenhammer composite cans with Peel-off Tops is expected to reach into the tens of millions in the future.