Packaging and sustainability in the confectionery sector

By 2013 Migros plans to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging of the 250 most commonly sold products by 10 per cent. Migros has already begun to switch over its UHT milk cartons, and a recent press release states that these cartons now bear the FSC label and are made of wood from forests cultivated in an environmentally compatible manner. This shows that sustainability is no longer just a slogan, but instead affects us all. Only companies that produce in a sustainable manner and manufacture sustainable products will be able to survive on the market in the future. The packaging industry has to make great efforts to meet this challenge. In addition to switching its cartons, Migros states that it wants to dispense with packaging within packaging, as well as generally reduce the amount of material it consumes and increase the share of recycled material in areas where migration doesn’t play a role.

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Confectionery Sector Leads Launch Activity in First Half of 2011

Innova Market Insights has reported that confectionery was the leading food and drinks sector in terms of global launch activity in the first half of 2011. This occurred despite the industry having a rough ride in 2010, as a result of rising prices in the wake of increasing raw material costs, particularly for cocoa and sugar. Many markets saw static to falling volumes, with value rises mainly reflecting these price rises and manufacturers, in many instances, had to rely on ongoing product and promotional activity to maintain competitiveness. Continue reading