Global Packaging market expected to grow 3% per annum

The global packaging industry will swell to almost 820 thousand million USD by 2016 predicts Smithers Pira in a report released in January. Driven mainly by increasing demand for packaging in emerging and transitional economies, a 3% per annum growth rate will focus on board products (40 th M USD) and rigid plastics (30 th M USD).

The Future of Global Packaging Market and Technology Forecasts to 2016 provides market sizes and forecasts broken down by packaging product, end-use sector and geographic market, in a comprehensive overview of the status of the packaging industry in 50 countries globally.

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Surlyn® – solid as a rock

image_thumbThe new 50 and 100 ml bottles for the new fragrance from Cesare Paciotti (Italy) have a striking cap with a dagger trapped inside a solid transparent rock, molded by G. Candini S.r.l. (Tradate, Italy) using Surlyn®, the ionomer resin from DuPont. The new fragrance bottle will be presented during next Luxe Pack 2011 (Monaco, 19-21 October 2011). Besides this and other examples, is an innovative process of overmolding polymer inserts with Surlyn®. The sparkling dagger is a distinguishing hallmark of the Paciotti brand, best known for its high quality shoes. In this cap, the dagger is PC/ABS insert "suspended" right in the center of the Surlyn® transparent rock. The new male an female fragrance from Cesare Paciotti is produced under licence by Weruska & Joel s.r.l. (Turin, Italy).

The so called Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology is leading  to the development an increasing number of colours, textures, shapes and sizes for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and make-up products, providing a combination of properties of design freedom, glass-like clarity, functional performance, appealing touch and ease of production. Surlyn® offers the transparency of glass, without the weight and fragility, whilst it can also be frosted, faceted or finished to obtain special effects, or colored to create elegant translucency. Its warm and sensual touch is coupled with functional benefits such as toughness, absence of chipping and breaking and good chemical resistance.

ColepCCL goes Latin American in Brazilian Aerosol Joint Venture

ColepCCL, a leading contract manufacturer of aerosols, liquids and packaging solutions, announced a joint venture with Provider to invest in a state of the art aerosol filling plant in Brazil. With this step, ColepCCL realises its first strategic expansion outside of Europe, joining forces with Provider, Brazil’s leading supplier of personal care and homecare liquid products.

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