Hexacomb board in Portugal

Torraspapel Distribución (Aoiz, Spain) signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Hexacomb  to represent its Falconboard™ family of products in Spain and Portugal.
Falconboard, 100% paper-based with up to 53% of recycled content and 100% recyclabe, is an alternative to traditional signage media.
image The family of products includes Falconboard Print for high-quality graphic imaging, Falconboard Build for eye-catching POP displays and Falconboard Mount for demanding roll media requirements.  Falconboard Print is ideally suited for digital and screen printing applications such as signage, point-of-purchase and trade show displays.  Hexacomb Corporation is part of Boise Group (Boise, Idaho, EUA) and has nine production sites in North America e three in Europe.


Store Visualizer

EskoArtwork and VTales Graphics , developped Store Visualizer, a new software application that allows brand owners and retailers to simulate and assess the on-the-shelf and point-of-sale impact of their packaging and displays. The Store Visualizer provides a virtual store environment where hyper realistic 3D packaging models can be placed. The new application lets users place virtual objects in photographed scenes, enabling them to see their designs in an in-store setting and determine how they compare with rival products. More than words, the following video shows the work with Store Visualizer

The virtual packaging mock-ups are created with EskoArtwork packaging design software (ArtiosCAD or Studio). Using Store Visualizer, the mock-ups are easily placed on shelves or displays in realistic store environments. This way, brand managers can assess on screen the appeal of their designs early in the design cycle. The visuals can also be used by market research companies to measure the performance of different designs or shelf layouts. The end result is a design that performs better in the store, which will help spur sales and increase market share.

Advanced solutions for packaging prepress

EskoArtwork developped a sophisticated suite of digital flexo, workflow automation and pre-production solutions for the packaging sector. "Suite 10" is an integrated set of software solutions for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. It includes the Automation Engine 10 and version 10 releases of all editor aimagepplications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10. Integrated more than ever, Automation Engine 10 adds capabilities to the automation of repetitive tasks, avoids mistakes and saves time and money. 
HD Flexo 2.0 has been designed to maximize their production capabilities, ensuring high quality and consistent flexo printing. It combines 4000 dpi HD optics on the EskoArtwork Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) with advanced MicroCell screening technologies to produce sharper and more accurate imaging. The new version is an evolution of EskoArtwork’s patented PlateCell technology and provides higher solid ink density (SID) for more vibrant colors on packaging while printing with standard flexo inks and anilox rollers.

The new digital cutting table Kongsberg i-XE10 for small format tasks precision cutting with more versatility. It’s an efficient and adaptable digital finishing solution for short-run production of a variety of visual communications including signs,displays and labels.


Sex and the City – new display from EUROPLV


EUROPLV (Gaia, Portugal), a specialist in displays POP material and visual communication, created a new cardboard floor display  for the DVD launch of the Sex and the City movie. The displays for Zon Lusomundo have the dimensions of 190x150x45cm.
EUROPLV is one of the 19 members of GIC – Global Instore Communication.