Selection Tool for Fixing & Joining Methods

AFERA, the European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry, launched a selection tool for fixing and joining methods, along with its recent market study on joining methods in consumer electronics (both available for download at DOCS page). With the purpose of encouraging the creation of new, more efficient solutions through the use of self-adhesive tape, Afera’s selection tool offers users such as design and mechanical engineers and salespeople detailed comparison of fixing and joining methods based on 25 performance-related criteria.

The Association’s marketing committee commissioned the development of the selection tool and specialty-segment tape market study in 2009 after determining that in order to grow the tape market, knowledge of the performance of current joining methods and their comparison with tape is critical in successfully replacing alternative bonding with self-adhesive tape. The result is a two- art product entitled “Increasing the Pie for the European Self-Adhesive Tape Industry: An Insight into the Opportunities to Replace Alternative Joining Methods,” developed by Isabelle Meijer and Frank Voermans of Meijer + Voermans Consulting (CH).