Autodesk offer to acquire Delcam

imageAutodesk (USA) has announced its intention to acquire Delcam (Birmingham, UK). The companies offer complementary ranges of software, with Autodesk’s programs for design, engineering and entertainment able to be combined with Delcam software for design, manufacturing and inspection for several industries, including automotive, packaging, plastics, footwear and sports equipment.
Delcam has more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 700 employees. On completion of the acquisition, Delcam will become a subsidiary of Autodesk. Renishaw (UK), an industrial metrology and additive manufacturing equipment company, which holds around 20% of Delcam, agreed to sell for the best offer for all Delcam shares.


Better control with zenon Analyzer

imageThe zenon Analyzer, the new reporting software from COPA-DATA is designed to display all the vital information from manufacturing processes or energy management with a clear overview and in graphical form. Launched at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 trade fair (Nuremberg, 23-25 November), zenon Analyzer provides dinaming reporting functionalities, in order to monitor and adapt processes and decisions to volatile prices, fluctuating demand and other fast changing factors.
Dynamic Production Reporting analyzes all relevant data obtained from production. The reports generated provide those responsible for production and management with a comprehensive and transparent overview of previous activity as well as the current manufacturing situation. These reports use both real-time data and historical data for evaluations. Useimagers can a pply standardized, pre-defined templates to deploy the tool quickly and efficiently. There is also the capability to adapt the pre-defined reports or to define individual reports to precisely portray the company-specific requirements. The reports can also be used as a basis for quality control as well as adherence to compliance requirements.
Companies can deploy the zenon Analyzer as either an independent and freely-configurable application or in conjunction with zenon as the HMI/SCADA solution. The software can be easily integrated into existing automation solutions or IT infrastructures – without adaptations or changes needing to be carried out on existing machines or equipment. The zenon Analyzer compiles the data from various machines, production stages and equipment consistently and provides all relevant information quickly and with a clear overview. As a result, users can view OEE and KPI figures, such as material use, downtimes, or energy consumption.

Store Visualizer

EskoArtwork and VTales Graphics , developped Store Visualizer, a new software application that allows brand owners and retailers to simulate and assess the on-the-shelf and point-of-sale impact of their packaging and displays. The Store Visualizer provides a virtual store environment where hyper realistic 3D packaging models can be placed. The new application lets users place virtual objects in photographed scenes, enabling them to see their designs in an in-store setting and determine how they compare with rival products. More than words, the following video shows the work with Store Visualizer

The virtual packaging mock-ups are created with EskoArtwork packaging design software (ArtiosCAD or Studio). Using Store Visualizer, the mock-ups are easily placed on shelves or displays in realistic store environments. This way, brand managers can assess on screen the appeal of their designs early in the design cycle. The visuals can also be used by market research companies to measure the performance of different designs or shelf layouts. The end result is a design that performs better in the store, which will help spur sales and increase market share.

Advanced solutions for packaging prepress

EskoArtwork developped a sophisticated suite of digital flexo, workflow automation and pre-production solutions for the packaging sector. "Suite 10" is an integrated set of software solutions for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. It includes the Automation Engine 10 and version 10 releases of all editor aimagepplications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10. Integrated more than ever, Automation Engine 10 adds capabilities to the automation of repetitive tasks, avoids mistakes and saves time and money. 
HD Flexo 2.0 has been designed to maximize their production capabilities, ensuring high quality and consistent flexo printing. It combines 4000 dpi HD optics on the EskoArtwork Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) with advanced MicroCell screening technologies to produce sharper and more accurate imaging. The new version is an evolution of EskoArtwork’s patented PlateCell technology and provides higher solid ink density (SID) for more vibrant colors on packaging while printing with standard flexo inks and anilox rollers.

The new digital cutting table Kongsberg i-XE10 for small format tasks precision cutting with more versatility. It’s an efficient and adaptable digital finishing solution for short-run production of a variety of visual communications including signs,displays and labels.


ECMA Code fully digital

image_thumb[1]The 4th edition of the ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles, the reference standard for cartonboard packaging designs and constructions, is available in a digital version, including the most commonly-used folding carton design styles and allowing the upload of customised designs. With the new 8-digit coding system more parameters can be included. All styles can be viewes as drawing, wireframe or 3D image, and exported to CAD-CAM files. The users  can view an animation of the folding sequence of the most commonly used ECMA design styles.

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Get a demo version HERE.

Pre-distortion software for thermoforming

Thermoformed packages can be decorated by different methods. The first method is to apply a label after the thermoforming process. The second is the so called "IML", labelling in mould: the label is inserted in the mould cavity and applied during the thermoforming process. The third method is direct printing, after the moulding phase. Last but not the least, is the pre-printing method, which means the printing of the packaging material (a plastic sheet) BEFORE the thermoforming. The pre-printing method is less used nowadays but, still, it has its advantages:  it is much more easy and less complex to print a plain plastic sheet. The disadvantage of pre-print is related with thermoforming deformation and its negative effects on image definition and text or code readability. But now this problem can be easily solved with the software Thermo 3D Suite V.2 from Quadraxis (France). This software converts the artwork accordingly with the 3D parameters of the package. Thanks to this "pre-distortion", the thermoforming process will end with a much better image. The pre-distortion by conventional methods takes several hours and trials. Thermo 3D Suite V.2 does the job in 4 simple steps: 1 – Create the 3D template of the pack, 2 – Apply the artwork on the template, 3 – Calculate the distortions, and 4 – Pre-distort the design and rapidly get a 3D proof.
image[3]The printed pack may be "simulated" for evaluation and approval. A 3D image may be sent in a pdf file with a 3D views feature (using the software Picador). To see an example, click on the image, get the pdf file and then, use the mouse to move the pack!
The Thermo 3D Suite solution is useful to designers, pre-printers and package producers. Among numerous improvements, Thermo 3D Suite V.2 also offers new features like self-loading connections between Adobe Illustrator and Pigmentz, which helps to manage the 3D content, or new plug-ins to support the thermoformed part’s design and the images’ export. Besides, the solution is now available in French, English, Spanish and Japanese.

Quadraxis, a specialist in pre-distortion solutions, has also developed over the last 7 years Sleeve 3D Suite for the shrink and stretch sleeves market, and MetalCan 3D Suite for the metal stamping. Quadraxis will be exhibiting at EMBALLAGE 2010 (Paris, 22-25 November).

SisTrade software at Istanbul Packaging 2010

image SISTRADE, an engineering and consulting company in Information Systems for the printing and packaging markets, will be exhibiting at Istanbul Packaging 2010, from 16 to 19 of September.

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