A record year for can sales

image2014  proved to be a record year for Can sales, with almost 63 thousand million cans filled in Europe, an increase of 4%, as reported by Canadean, commissioned by Beverage Can Makers Europe (BCME) . Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) fillings increased by 5% to almost 32 thousand million cans, exceding, for the first time those of Beer. With an increase of 2%, Beer fillings has made a remarkable performance, considering the overall drop in beer sales of over 1% across the European
region. With 31 thousand million beer cans filled, cans represent 22% of total beer sales.

"These excellent results were delivered despite a moderate summer, whilst the Football World Cup proved beneficial, helping deliver a positive contribution to can consumption" – says BCME. The winning nation, Germany, saw Beer filling increase by 8%, confirming an accelerating positive trend within this market. The increasing range of Beverage Can styles and sizes now available to brand owners aids product differentiation, permitting a wider more diverse range of products to be packaged in cans and increasing consumer consumption occasions.

BCME members are the major European beverage can manufacturers Ball, Crown and Rexam.